• I LOVE good design, it makes life easier.

    I design products that solve problems, including the new EZ Bar Box,

    EZ Light Wraps, and the Fitware™ Modular Storage System

    Hi, I'm Marj Weir

    Self employed in graphic design for many years, it's a great background for other ventures. I created and patented the Fitware Modular Storage System, also known as TailgaterBox.com This was chosen out of 3000 products by a VC group, who funded the patent.


    From this venture I've learned a lot - CAD art, 3D printing, focus groups, manufacturing, prototyping, patents, plastics, shipping, customs, web design, marketing, e-commerce, trade shows, product fulfillment and more.


    Previous experience -


    • Was a driver examiner giving road tests at 19

    • Managed the St Paul Midway DMV at age 21

    • Freelance graphic designer websites, logos and branding

    • Wedding and Cake designer, (including a few for the owners of Cafe Latte!)

    • Branding and catalogs for LeCordon Bleu Cooking School and Brown College of Mendota Heights

    • Started a successful Bar & Restaurant including a weekly music schedule, catering and local events.

    • Over 80 residential real estate transactions, including many investor properties, and staging of homes

    • Many home rehabs, from distressed properties into beautiful homes, resulting in the highest area sales.


    Designing is my passion, as well as putting people together - and I’d like to connect with you. If I can be of assistance, drop a line or make a call. Currently scouting for funding and business collaborations. Let me know if you have someone in mind!


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    Where my adventures have taken me


    Prep & Serve

    Modular system to

    prep & travel with food easily!



    Commercial version - multiple items seal under one lid

    National Realty Guild

    Licensed Agent
    2007 - 2019


    Sail Away Cafe
    2008 - 2012


    I'd love to talk creating, cocktails, products, recipes or other design dilemmas!



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  • Modular prep system - make meals fast, take food in style!

  • A new and EASY way to transform your bare bath lighting!

  • Consulting

    Contact me for help with your invention or passion. Over 20 years experience in multiple platforms

    Website Development

    Let me design a website, sell sheet or landing page for you. Starting at $99